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About Actio_OLD

This is Actio – an event agency uniquely qualified to help companies elevate their conferences to the next level. We were founded by senior event and marketing professionals who know how to leverage live events as one of the most powerful marketing tools dealer/distributor/franchise and technology companies have in their arsenals to reach and connect with their customers.

There is an art to what we do, but we aren’t a bunch of creative theorists who just like to hear ourselves talk. Form follows function at Actio. Our creative solutions are customized and targeted to both the organization — and the audience they are addressing.

Of course, there is science in our approach as well.  Our creative is based on a solidly tested set of assumptions. We ask questions, get to know the audience, and get inside their heads. This is how we ensure our clients get the results from every dollar they are investing.

Actio helps our clients extend the reach of their internal resources to do more, explore fresh approaches for greater impact, and even see a broader picture, avoiding unforeseen obstacles, and ensuring as effective a conference experience as possible.