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About Stacey Ruth

Stacey is one of the founding partners of Actio Marketing. She has 25 years of meeting management, marketing and creative strategy background which she shares in various forums, such as FranConnect's CEO Summit, Ingage Franchise OPS, Meeting Professionals, and Plan Your Meetings.

A Power User. Of Your Technology.

Ensure your meeting platform is delivering the same power as your software.
User Conferences

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Optimize every aspect of your next meeting.

general sessions | breakouts | expo | presentations | video | staging

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Drive attendance and engagement.

themes | pre-event marketing | keynote speakers | name entertainment

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Get the results that make it worth your while.

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The Three Myths Behind Low-Cost Marketing

Like every other good or service available today, marketing is being asked to do more, more, more — for less, less, less. As marketers, this constant pricing model pressure often leads to self-pitying complaints about becoming “just another commodity” where our pricing overshadows our creativity, our results, and even our value as advisors.

However, our clients […]

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Jumpstarting Struggling Marketing Efforts

Many organizations are scratching their heads these days and wondering why their marketing efforts aren’t paying off as projected. It isn’t that marketers have been sitting still, either. They’ve added all manner of social media to the mix, lowered their expectations for sales in light of the new era of “cautious spending” by both consumers and businesses, and looked for innovative approaches, such as live marketing and pay-for-performance, at every turn.


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How Do You Know When to Outsource Your Marketing?

Marketing costs money. The question is always whether it is providing a return in qualified leads (keeping in mind that closed business is a sales issue, not marketing) that pays for the investment. The variations on how that return is generated through internal resources, entire departments, the use of agencies, or just a host of […]

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Temporary Accommodations

Project: Rebranding Campaign

Audience: Insurance Companies and Independent Insurance Adjusters


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Project: North American Sales Presentation

Audience: Air Transportation IT Executives


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Project Name: 2010 Varnex Conference

Audience: 400 Value-added Resellers


Peer Networking
Sharing Best Practices
Provide Current Program and Product Insights
Vendor Showcase

Solution: ARS, staging, opening, content graphics production.

Results: increased VAR engagement, increased equity.

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