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About Stacey Ruth

Stacey is one of the founding partners of Actio Marketing. She has 25 years of meeting management, marketing and creative strategy background which she shares in various forums, such as FranConnect's CEO Summit, Ingage Franchise OPS, Meeting Professionals, and Plan Your Meetings.

The Truth About Truth in Advertising

OK. So, put on your handy, portable, wrist-band  lie-detector, available from MakerShed, for just $44.95, if you’re interested.

Now… Be honest. As marketers, we really want to have it both ways. We want the world to believe we are the miracle makers that can put lipstick on the pig and make it smile.  However, our delicate marketer souls cringe when the hard-hearted world actually believes us, and we are then dubbed the sneakiest and lowest of tricksters, who make a living out of lying. It is a nasty little Catch-22 of our own fiendish marketing design.


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Dealer/Distributor Meetings

Dealers, distributors and franchisees expect a lot. Now you can impress them with the most engaging event creative, strategy and technology available – and realize a bigger ROI for your event in the process.

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User Conferences

Attracting customers to your event takes a lot more than product upgrades and training.  Now, from the first email to the closing general session, you can create the live experience that provides unmatched industry insights, education and networking.

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Real Event ROI

Successful live events build relationships with customers and create real financial benefit to the hosting organization. Our ROI analysis not only proves these results, it helps our clients improve their events year, after year.

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