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Do Small Meeting Best Practices Apply to Conventions?

Recently, a Harvard Business Review blog article by Amy Gallo, about some simple guidelines to turn the internal business meeting from a massive time-suck into a productive endeavor. Do those same guidelines apply in the Convention-scale events we manage on a daily basis. Here are our conclusions:

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A Story That Illustrates the Real Power of Live Meetings

A couple of years ago, at a national convention of retail dealers, a young man named Chris, who owned a struggling dealership with his brother, decided to attend convention for the first time. His brother was the main stakeholder in their store, and had done very little to implement the programs and best practices they […]

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Slide-Slapper Anonymous — Do you qualify?

Audiences are fed up with incessant slide-slapping (more commonly known as “death by PowerPoint”). Yet, an increasing number of presenters can’t seem to stop.  It’s some weird addiction – one slide feels so good, 50 must amplify the effect.  Yet it’s the audiences who truly suffer.

Knowing you have a slide-slapping problem is the first step […]

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The Three Myths Behind Low-Cost Marketing

Like every other good or service available today, marketing is being asked to do more, more, more — for less, less, less. As marketers, this constant pricing model pressure often leads to self-pitying complaints about becoming “just another commodity” where our pricing overshadows our creativity, our results, and even our value as advisors.

However, our clients […]

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Jumpstarting Struggling Marketing Efforts

Many organizations are scratching their heads these days and wondering why their marketing efforts aren’t paying off as projected. It isn’t that marketers have been sitting still, either. They’ve added all manner of social media to the mix, lowered their expectations for sales in light of the new era of “cautious spending” by both consumers and businesses, and looked for innovative approaches, such as live marketing and pay-for-performance, at every turn.


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How Do You Know When to Outsource Your Marketing?

Marketing costs money. The question is always whether it is providing a return in qualified leads (keeping in mind that closed business is a sales issue, not marketing) that pays for the investment. The variations on how that return is generated through internal resources, entire departments, the use of agencies, or just a host of […]

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Think Different to Be Different: Part 2


Are your sales a little lack-luster? Last week we looked at how you can know if you have a product differentiation problem, not an awareness problem. Then, in true marketing fashion, we promised differentiation doesn’t need to be difficult or laborious. So this week we will explore the basics of […]

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Think Different to Be Different.


You are special. You know your product is better than the next guy’s. Your customers tell you. Yet, here you are, still struggling daily to attract new customers at the rate you think you ought to – especially with a product this fantastic – faster, friendlier, more reliable – […]

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Where is the Marketing LOVE?

Happy Valentine’s Day – a day devoted to love.

It’s a day we love to hate. We hate the obligation. We hate the materialism. We hate being the one who doesn’t have a “special someone” and so we feel unworthy of the love we are supposed to be feeling. We hate the crowd mentality. We hate […]

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Marketing Made Easy? What’s the Catch?

Actio Marketing is a new company. But don’t let that put you off. Our team isn’t new to marketing and advertising at all. We’ve been around long enough to recognize there are more than a few marketers who have drunk their own kool-aid, and perhaps we sipped a bit of our own once or twice.

However, […]

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