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Younger, smaller or faster growing companies approach marketing differently than larger, older, and market-leading companies. There is a unique urgency in their marketing efforts. This often manic energy is all about selling more, and selling it right now! In the larger, but fast-growth companies it can often create a noticeable anxiety among the marketing and sales staff, who feel tremendous pressure to perform at their peak -- continuously. In the smaller, more entrepreneurial establishments, it can feel like the cult of over-caffeinated enthusiasm – contagious, and collaborative, but requiring constant injections to maintain its high intensity.

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The Truth About Truth in Advertising

OK. So, put on your handy, portable, wrist-band  lie-detector, available from MakerShed, for just $44.95, if you’re interested.

Now… Be honest. As marketers, we really want to have it both ways. We want the world to believe we are the miracle makers that can put lipstick on the pig and make it smile.  However, our delicate marketer souls cringe when the hard-hearted world actually believes us, and we are then dubbed the sneakiest and lowest of tricksters, who make a living out of lying. It is a nasty little Catch-22 of our own fiendish marketing design.


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