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Call it a conference. Call it a national meeting. Call it an annual convention. Regardless, the issues faced by Dealer/Distributor/Franchisee organizations when they meet with their customers are universal.  The same is no less true of software and technology user conferences.

Actio understands the unique nature of these events.  It is where we focus our expertise. It is how we help these organizations grow their business – and the businesses of their customers – through targeted strategy, creative and tactical execution specifically tailored to these organizations.

We help our clients:

  1. Deliver the key messages so they generate action
  2. Build high-impact educational, best practice and product demo sessions
  3. Deliver content consistently through every media
  4. Develop a creative platform that is customized and memorable
  5. Execute pre-event marketing, theme development, staging, video, entertainment, presentations, expos and special events that reinforce the overall conference objectives.