Meeting burn out continues to be the leading cause of reduced effectiveness. The cause of burn out is a lack of attention to how the brain needs time to play and rest, as well as time to learn and practice, in order to absorb and retain new information.  The answer is Event Energy Mapping.

Just like drinking through a fire hose is anything but thirst-quenching, the meeting that keeps attendees absorbing new content for 8 hours with minimal breaks is anything but educational. With attendees’ time being at such a premium, and the meeting budgets being under constant scrutiny, most conferences and conventions place more emphasis on covering as much material in as few days/hours as possible. The result is almost inevitably burn out.

Event-01The answer is to build an event agenda that is designed for maximum learning, building in a variety of activities including team building, networking, breaks, lectures, learning labs, motivational speakers and even pure entertainment.  This approach requires not only attention to the content but the delivery as well, and the creation of an event energy map helps stakeholders visualize both the mental and physical engagement of attendees throughout the process, ensuring neither is over-taxed or underutilized.

The most effective meetings “warm up” attendees, building emotional/mental engagement then continue to elevate the mental intensity, but with a variety of “mental breaks” in between that allow new information to be absorbed.  The result is a much more pronounced adoption of new ideas and actions post-event that directly impact the business and profitability.

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