1. Elite Adjuster Program: Logo, Brochure, Poster
  2. Logo and Website Design
  3. Sales Brochure
  4. StandGuard Program: Logo, Brochure, Poster
  5. Stressed Campaign — Ad and Postcards
  6. Testimonial Campaign — Ad and Postcards

Project: Rebranding Campaign

Audience: Insurance Companies and Independent Insurance Adjusters


  • Reflect the larger size of the company
  • Differentiate the company from the highly competitive marketplace
  • Address insurance issues proactively
  • Create front-of-mind awareness among adjusters, knowing the urgent nature of temporary housing

Solution: New logo, tagline, company website, collateral materials, tradeshow booth, postcard campaign to adjusters, trade advertising and three proprietary product offerings.

Results: In one year, sales increased from 66 per month to 300 per month.