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3 Ways to Solve Common Business Issues through Experiential Events

3 Ways to Solve Common Business Issues through Experiential Events
Businesses are in the business of problem solving. But when the problem is within the organization, that’s when businesses need to tackle their own challenges. Events are a great way to tackle a range of issues.

Most people think of events as opportunities for networking, education, and […]

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Don’t Just Brand Your Event, Brand the Experience

Don’t Just Brand Your Event, Brand the Experience
Event branding has taken a new turn recently. Event themes and directional signs are just the tip of the iceberg now. Today, event stakeholders want the venues to white label themselves, with the venue’s own brand receding into the background, while the event and company’s brand is emblazoned everywhere attendees turn. […]

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Trendwatch: Reinventing Meeting Formats

Trendwatch: Reinventing Meeting  Formats
Corporate meetings are at a crossroads. Attendance is lagging, and while there may be some economic factors keeping people away, meeting fatigue is a significant factor. Potential attendees who traditionally sought educational and networking opportunities at events are seeking the information and community they need online, so planners are finding the sell harder than ever before.

There […]

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Millennials Meet Differently

Millennials Meet Differently
There’s a lot of noise in every business sector about the impact of millennials, how to sell to millennials, how to hire millennials, how to understand and communicate with millennials, and lastly – whether all this talk about millennials is just making mountains out of molehills.

We say, “No.” There is a unique set of […]

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Marketing Insights from CES

Gone are the days of private events being hosted discreetly behind closed doors. The new way to capture clients at live events is not a private, exclusive event, but to have a happening in a public space. In particular, hosting your live event as a VIP experience in a public venue makes your attendees feel […]

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Context is King

The old adage, “content is king,” is being superseded by the concept that context is, in fact, one of the most significant factors for success in business (and that means meetings and marketing!) today. Michael Dominguez, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer of MGM Resorts International, has commented on this extensively in relation to […]

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Cracking the ROI Code

A CEO of a publicly traded, Atlanta-based technology company sat with his CCO, CMO, CTO and Vice President of Marketing around the table as they were outlining the annual sales meeting agenda and he said casually, “We spend how much for this meeting?”
The CCO answered, “About $800,000 give or take.”

To which the CEO replied, “I […]

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Do Small Meeting Best Practices Apply to Conventions?

The ROI of an event is measured based on the success objectives held by key stakeholders. Too often, organizations do not stop to articulate the objectives of an event from the outset.

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Do Small Meeting Best Practices Apply to Conventions?

Recently, a Harvard Business Review blog article by Amy Gallo, about some simple guidelines to turn the internal business meeting from a massive time-suck into a productive endeavor. Do those same guidelines apply in the Convention-scale events we manage on a daily basis. Here are our conclusions:

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Is Black Thursday’s Black Mark Deserved?

Black Friday wasn’t always marketing’s bad boy. The term was first coined in the 1950s when many factory workers called in sick the day after Thanksgiving. In the 1960s, the Philadelphia police used the term to describe the traffic, crowds, and general mayhem. It was not until the 1980s that retailers realized they had a […]

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