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Is Black Thursday’s Black Mark Deserved?

1411 Blog Top 4 Black Friday wasn’t always marketing’s bad boy. The term was first coined in the 1950s when many factory workers called in sick the day after Thanksgiving. In the 1960s, the Philadelphia police used the term to describe the traffic, crowds, and general mayhem. It...

10 Myths of Marketing…Busted!

Ever wonder why marketing can seem like such an uphill battle sometimes? Almost every new marketing initiative – from a fresh campaign to a brand re-fresh – has an uphill battle to a successful launch. The obstacles are remarkably similar regardless of an organization’s size, industry, or prominence, and each obstacle has an insidious little...

Event Energy Mapping

Meeting burn out continues to be the leading cause of reduced effectiveness. The cause of burn out is a lack of attention to how the brain needs time to play and rest, as well as time to learn and practice, in order to absorb and retain new information. The answer is Event Energy Mapping.


That Burning Sensation: When Event Themes Catch Fire, They Get Burned Out

Event theme trends are like baby names. They’re influenced by economic and cultural trends paired with a good measure of “oooh, great idea!” when encountering a theme elsewhere. Buzzwords and concepts can catch fire, and soon – well, it might seem like everyone is on the “IGNITE” bandwagon. How many IGNITE-themed events have you been a...

The Intrapreneur Nation

In nearly every industry, companies are turning increasingly to contractor relationships, rather than bringing employees in house. As companies work to keep operations lean while the economy recovers, the contractor model has larger implications. It sets a standard for all workers – owners, employees and contractors. That standard? An entrepreneurial approach. more

The Myth of Fair Value and How We Can Take Advantage of It

‘Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It)‘ by William Poundstone references a wide variety of studies demonstrating that consumers are unable to accurately estimate fair prices and are “strongly influenced by the unconscious, irrational, and politically incorrect.” The gist is that prices are very abstract, and our interactions with...

IFA – Navigating the Crowd

With roughly 3500 attendees at this year's IFA Convention, it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel lost in the crowd. In fact, "I'm starting to feel the overwhelm," is a phrase repeated over and over among many attendees. This is an inevitable part of the large convention experience, and IFA is no exception. This year's...

IFA 2013 – First Impressions

Considering the focus Actio has on Franchise/Dealer/Distributor organizations, you would think we would have been at IFA a long time before this, but here we are at our first IFA Convention. As an event agency, it is fascinating to see events from an audience perspective. This week while we are here in the thick...