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Think Different to Be Different: Part 2


Are your sales a little lack-luster? Last week we looked at how you can know if you have a product differentiation problem, not an awareness problem. Then, in true marketing fashion, we promised differentiation doesn’t need to be difficult or laborious. So this week we will explore the basics of […]

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Think Different to Be Different.


You are special. You know your product is better than the next guy’s. Your customers tell you. Yet, here you are, still struggling daily to attract new customers at the rate you think you ought to – especially with a product this fantastic – faster, friendlier, more reliable – […]

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Where is the Marketing LOVE?

Happy Valentine’s Day – a day devoted to love.

It’s a day we love to hate. We hate the obligation. We hate the materialism. We hate being the one who doesn’t have a “special someone” and so we feel unworthy of the love we are supposed to be feeling. We hate the crowd mentality. We hate […]

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Marketing Made Easy? What’s the Catch?

Actio Marketing is a new company. But don’t let that put you off. Our team isn’t new to marketing and advertising at all. We’ve been around long enough to recognize there are more than a few marketers who have drunk their own kool-aid, and perhaps we sipped a bit of our own once or twice.

However, […]

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Market Like an Entrepreneur! Sell. More. Now.

Younger, smaller or faster growing companies approach marketing differently than larger, older, and market-leading companies. There is a unique urgency in their marketing efforts. This often manic energy is all about selling more, and selling it right now! In the larger, but fast-growth companies it can often create a noticeable anxiety among the marketing and sales staff, who feel tremendous pressure to perform at their peak -- continuously. In the smaller, more entrepreneurial establishments, it can feel like the cult of over-caffeinated enthusiasm – contagious, and collaborative, but requiring constant injections to maintain its high intensity.

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Moving in the Spirit Branding & Video

Project: Promotional Video

Audience: Potential Sponsors, Volunteers and Supporters


Explain the unique nature of the non-profit’s program
Explain the benefits to children in the program and to the community at large
Create a short overview of the program seen from many perspectives

Solution: Hi-definition 4-minute video including teacher, student, and board testimonials in the studio environment, backed by footage of […]

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Project: SYNNEX National Conference

Audience: 600 IT Buyers and Vendors


Promoting brand value and advocacy among buyers
Peer Networking
Vendor showcase
Deliver updates on new products and innovations

Solution: Staging, video, content development, graphics production.

Results: Increased brand equity for both resellers and vendors.

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Project: 2011 Conference Marketing

Audience: 4500 Home School Families


Provide education on techniques and tips for Home School families
Create family event with education for parents, kids and teens
Create access to home school vendors and low-cost used books
Provide graduation ceremonies for students to celebrate with peers
Create home school community networking opportunity
Generate membership in organization

Solution: event website, email campaign, […]

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Fusion Event Staffing

Project: Social Media Campaign

Audience: Event Staffing Buyers


Increase brand awareness among top event agencies nationwide
Leverage over 20,000 staffers to spread the company message
Convert web traffic to sales

Solution: New website including key search terms and search optimization, search landing pages, Google search term campaign, LinkedIn company-wide engagement campaign, Facebook content campaign, Twitter campaign, email campaign.

Results: Facebook fans […]

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ADTRAN Touch Screen

Project: Tradeshow Touch Screen Kiosk

Target Audience: Domestic and international Telcom/Broadband buyers


High-tech Approach to High-tech Product
Ease of Demonstrating Integrated Solutions vs. Individual Products
Ease of Information Updating
Environmental  Approach
Reduce Booth Cost (Shipping, Printing, etc.)

Solution: Flash based navigation across 16 solution sets and multiple applications, including testimonial videos, white papers and product specifications.

Results: Faster engagement on tradeshow floor- easier […]

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