A little about us…

We produce live, hybrid, and virtual events for a broad variety of clients across the country. But we’re more than event production and design. Events don’t happen in a vacuum…they are affected by the larger brand story, and in their own way affect that brand story too. Because of that, over the years, we’ve evolved into a full-service B2B marketing agency that helps our clients with everything from communication and marketing strategy to creative content and production too.

What makes us different?

First, we’re good at what we do. We produce memorable, disruptive and effective “moments.” Whether it’s a live event or an integrated campaign, we move the needle for our clients. We can do that because of the talent we bring to the table. We are producers, writers, designers, stage managers, videographers, strategists and project managers with decades of industry experience.

We’ve got the talent and tools to drive meaningful value for your brand, and our agency structure allows us to make sure it’s cost-effective. The results show in your bottom line.

Our approach

We meet you where you are, and take you where you want to be. Our core values are transparency, integrity, scalability, versatility, and a commitment to making sure there are no surprises. We’ll probably even discover your “opportunities” (see, we know how to make challenges into positives) before you do. Responsiveness and value creation are our baselines. 

We’re more than an agency, though. We’re your partner. We know people have been burned by big agencies, so Actio works as an extension of your team and with existing vendor resources. Our A-Team is our only team: your project manager is also your account exec, who is there to consult your executive teams on approaches and strategic development. We take the time to listen to your goals, your constraints, and the nuance of your needs. We’ve got your back, and we’ll help your organization – and you – become more valuable. You focus on the strategy, we’ll handle the execution. Like we said, we’ve got you.

By playing on presenters’ strength and thinking beyond the traditional presentation format, Actio has creative solutions to problems we couldn’t even anticipate.

Troy Legare, Westwind

With Actio, you’re the top priority. There’s attention to quality and detail, no matter the size of your program. They’re invested in making sure that the relationship, your events, and productions exceed your expectations.

Leisa Potter, TD SYNNEX

Actio is insightful, reliable, accountable, creative, and mindful of the budget. They are cost conscious but at the same time very realistic about a customer’s vision. They’re laser-focused on ensuring clients achieve their goals in a creative way. And… they’re just plain fun to work with!

Pam Spanjer, MeetingsPlus

Actio becomes an extension of your team. They’re going to understand who you are and what you’re trying to achieve – and they’re going to help make sure that you are continuing to check and balance against your strategy. That’s the relationship.

Troy Legare, Westwind
Actio brings creative ideas and input that we can put into action. They build excitement while getting our sessions flowing and keeping our program tight and efficient.
Lizzy Seymour, ASHRAE

Actio works seamlessly with the team, getting to know you and your customers, vendors, and executives and how best to interact with them. They recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Actio’s broad experience equips them to speak up if they see better alternatives when you’re exploring tactics.

Leisa Potter, TD SYNNEX

Actio is not just a production partner, it’s a creative partner and a consultant. They’re not just doing what you pay them for, they’re helping clients to do better for your company, your events, and your process.

Leisa Potter, TD SYNNEX
Ever have a standing ovation for a three-minute video opening a plenary session? That’s just one of the big wins Actio has pulled out for us.
Lizzy Seymour, ASHRAE

… But let’s talk about you

We’re not for everybody. And, frankly, we don’t want to work with just anybody. Actio curates our client list. Some of our clients are household names. Some of them are niche players. What they have in common, though, is placing value on long-term, trusting relationships and creative problem-solving. That’s why we’ve been working with them for ages. We’re partners. Our personalities jive. They trust us to bring ideas to the table, not just hammer out an event. We’re teaming up to craft strategies and solutions to bigger branding and communication challenges. And to have a little fun while we’re doing it.

Client logos

What about the team?

Actio is led by James Grevas, and our core group is a collective of skilled creative solutionists – that dying breed of renaissance professionals. “Broad Specialist” isn’t an oxymoron for us. It’s not a structured team, siloed in a traditional agency structure. We’re a cross-functional group of graphic designers, video producers, writers, project managers, stage managers, talent bookers, and interdisciplinary creative marketing tacticians. The Actio team has a diversity of life and professional experience, and a devotion to making your life easier. (Yes, you.)

While Actio is based in Atlanta, we’ve got a broad resource network of experienced specialists, vendors, and partners across the country. We know what we don’t know, and we know the right people to bring to the table to fill any gaps of the core team. We are nimble, scaling the team up and down to meet each project’s needs. If you don’t need someone on the team, you’re not paying for them. 

But, you will always know who to call (or text or email, or whatever works best for you). Because we get that you want to work with a team that’s responsible and responsive: accountable account management.