Considering the focus Actio has on Franchise/Dealer/Distributor organizations, you would think we would have been at IFA a long time before this, but here we are at our first IFA Convention. As an event agency, it is fascinating to see events from an audience perspective. This week while we are here in the thick of things, we will share a few of our insights and opinions about how IFA is engaging its attendees.

Our first impression of IFA’s event engagement is extremely positive. The confirmation email directed us to the IFA Event APP, by Core-Apps, who also provides APPS for DragonCon and other large association conferences, including the International Association for Exhibitors and Events. The APP has its own sponsor, as well as banner ads which provide value for exhibitors. It contains a QR code reader, a place to connect with other attendees, Twitter handles, speaker roster, a place to build your own agenda, alerts, MGM maps (great for large venues) event documents, such as lists of attendees and companies present, and an RSS feed.

Event APPS are new technology, with wildly variable price tags, and customization options, which are still not needed for every event, but IFA is the perfect fit for an event APP, with its thousands of attendees and extensive schedule, in a large convention center space.

However, IFA also provides another “best practice” for its attendees, knowing not everyone will jump on the mobile bandwagon. In every badge is a fold-out agenda at a glance. This seems like a no-brainer, but in the no-man’s land where new technology is only partially adopted, information must live in multiple media still.

So, now we are off to explore content – meet our New Member Ambassador, and meet some new aquaintences, as well as catch up with clients and our fellow franchise fanatics.