We’ve turned our live event experience into hybrid meeting success.

Meetings will never be the same, and we know that nearly every future event will have some hybrid elements. We’re ready to create that future.

Because events don’t stop at the ballroom door.

Some don’t even need a ballroom.

We work closely with event managers, meeting planners, and facility representatives to build successful programs, communicate clearly, and represent ourselves as an extension of your team and as advocates of your success. 

Whether your event is live, virtual, or hybrid, Actio is your go-to strategic consultancy. We do full site visits and evaluations, provide project producers and fulfill key roles, from Technical Directors, Graphics Technicians, and everyone you’d expect to see behind the scenes. We also produce turnkey events from initial ideation through post-show surveys. 

You expect excellence. So do we. We’ve been through it all. Nothing surprises us, and our expertise ensures that you won’t have any unwelcome surprises either. If an opportunity arises, we get out in front of it, so you don’t have to give it a second thought. We always have redundancies and backup plans in place for technical and logistic execution.

Live Event Services

  • Full event theming and branding, creative development

  • Event structure and flow and structure consulting

  • Production site surveys

  • Pull staging and live event production (turnkey)

  • Video production, from scripting to post-production

  • Graphics creation and production

  • Event branding and signage

  • Talent selection, acquisition, production, and management

  • Presentation storyboarding and graphic development

  • Creative openings and closings

  • Turnkey virtual, hybrid and live event production

  • Virtual and F2F tradeshow development and management

  • Management of all vendors, resources and requirements of events (fire marshals, floorplans, etc).

Meeting Logistics & Execution

  • Site selections and recommendations

  • RFP management, contract negotiations, and post-event reconciliations

  • F&B and BEO management management

  • Special event design and execution

  • Offsite events

  • Incentive programs

  • Registration site development and onsite registration

  • Onsite planning and event support

  • Rooms/housing management

  • Budget management

  • Signage and print

“Actio is not just a production partner, it’s a creative partner and a consultant. They’re not just doing what you pay them for, they’re helping clients to do better for your company, your events, and your process.”

Leisa Potter
Senior Director, Corporate Events North America

What about the tech?

If you’re looking for that page that shows off our state-of-the-art equipment stashed in our climate-controlled warehouse, you’re not going to find it. We don’t have those things. 

Why? That stuff gets old and outdated, and it leads many production companies to find themselves in the position of having a hammer in search of a nail. You end up paying for that stuff as part of our overhead. 

We’re not here to scope projects that ensure we use expensive equipment that would otherwise collect dust. Instead, we partner with several leading staging companies who do this stuff for a living. They help us scope and scale your staging and equipment needs to ensure you get precisely what you need to execute your event.