In nearly every industry, companies are turning increasingly to contractor relationships, rather than bringing employees in house. As companies work to keep operations lean while the economy recovers, the contractor model has larger implications. It sets a standard for all workers – owners, employees and contractors. That standard? An entrepreneurial approach.

We’re all familiar with how this works in a contractor scenario. But what about in a more traditional office environment? There are intrapreneurs – those who incubate new business within an established business; more subtly, though, there are those who approach their jobs with creativity and an eye toward business development. These people are every bit the entrepreneur, even if they’re not out there hustling for their new startup.

At Actio, we’re all about the Intrapreneur. You’re out looking for new information, so that you can stay competitive. You’re creating opportunities and selling into them. You’re an innovator who makes change. Whether you’re working for yourself or working to make your organization stronger, you’re realizing the benefits of the entrepreneurial approach.

Communicating with the intrapreneur is of primary importance to today’s businesses – franchise organizations speaking to their franchisees and technology companies speaking to their users both need to especially understand the new landscape.

Intrapraneurs and entrepreneurs essentially want the same thing – to hear and see what works, what’s innovative (but proven to work), where the advantages are most abundant, and to see things from their peers’ perspective. Content – rich, focused, fresh content – is money in the bank to these individuals. It is money in the bank to the organization as well.

One of the best ways to provide that content is through live conferences. Even with the investment in live events most companies make, the energy created in bringing a group of entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs together cannot be duplicated through any form of direct marketing, webinar, or even in office training. Why? Because this growing sector of our economy (and arguably the sector that can return it to stability and resurgence) thrives on their connection to their fellows. They share ideas, successes and failures, new approaches, new sources for resources of all kinds, and they are addicted to growth.

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are a resilliant lot who will not settle for surviving when they could be thriving. Organzations that know how to feed them what they are most hungry for will benefit equally by generating their loyalty and leveraging their passion.